Best Vacations - Great Winter Hikes In Lake Lure

Dated: December 30 2019

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There is no question that the Lake Lure area offers a nice assortment of great hikes. And, during the warm months, the trails are frequented by hikers of all ages. But, few people realize how refreshing a winter hike can be!


While Spring and summer hikes provide nice shade and highlight many beautiful flowering trees and plants, winter hikes, with sparse leaves, often allow you to see more of the surrounding area.


Chimney Rock State Park offers two of the best winter hiking areas for these extended views.

Several of the main Park trails give hikers a better view into the Hickory Nut Gorge during the winter, and the views from the park trails off of Boys Camp Road really open up when more trees are bare. Some points on the Eastside show you a view of Lake Lure that is hidden during warmer months. It’s a great place to sit and ponder the mysteries of the universe  - but bundle up as the winds can be extra crisp up there!


If you want a nice, strolling hike, Morse Park is a beautiful place to walk during the holidays, as you see the decorations and lights around town, get a peek of lights reflecting from the homes around the Lake, and are never too far from the car if you get cold.


For a more strenuous trek, Buffalo Creek Park traverses up the mountainside and is a favorite for mountain bikers and hikers alike. It always offers a pretty good workout, and in the winter, there are areas where you can see more of the beautiful land and mountains nearby, that are hidden by the forest leaves in the spring and summer.


Winter hiking tips

If you do decide to move away from the fireplace and venture out into nature, make sure you plan ahead and take some precautions:

·      Start with short hikes to acclimate yourself to cold weather hiking.

·      Dress appropriately. Wearing layers helps you stay warm, dry, insulated, and comfortable without overheating. The base layer should wick perspiration away, the middle layer should insulate you, and the outer shell should keep the wind and moisture out.

·      Make sure you have something to keep your hands, feet, nose, cheeks, and ears warm, too, to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

·      Even though it’s winter, the sun can still be bright, so protect your eyes from sun and wind with sunglasses or goggles, and use sunscreen on exposed areas.

·      Make sure you eat and drink, even though you may not want to stop and eat, or don’t feel thirsty.  Bring both hydration beverages like water, as well as warm drinks like hot cocoa, coffee or tea to help keep you warm. And, watch out for foods that can freeze, and consider storing them inside your jacket so the warmth of your body can help keep them from freezing.


Hiking is a great activity that gives you a chance to experience the natural beauty of the Lake Lure area up close and personal. With several nice hiking trails available, you can choose a long, short, easy, or strenuous hike depending on your preference. So, get out there and experience Lake Lure!





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